Sponsor Comments to Rules of the Road Joint Task Force Recommendations

Sponsors have responded to the Rules of the Road Joint Task Force recommendations with comments which will be considered by the NCUTCD Council at their meeting in January 2022. More information on this process can be found in item 21B-ROR-00 below.

Click on the Joint Task Force Recommendations to see the recommendations made by the Joint Task Force and on the Sponsor Comments link to see the comments by the various sponsors.

​Technical Committee Recommendations:

​A total of 102 comments were received from sponsors and they are included as follows:​

Sponsor Comments is an Excel spreadsheet containing all of the comments.  When you open this file, notice the tabs on the bottom.  It is suggested that users begin by reading the READ ME tab on the spreadsheet.  The Vote tab provides a tabulation of the sponsor comments and the other tabs show all of the comments.

Revised 12/28/2021