Honorary Members


I​ndividuals who have contributed to the NCUTCD in an outstanding manner may be designated as “Honorary Members” by the Executive Board.  Generally, this membership designation is given to individuals who have served in a leadership role as Members, Associate Members or Technical Members over a period of at least 15 years.  The following individuals currently are designated as Honorary Members:​

  • George Butzer
  • Thomas Hicks
  • Bruce Ibarguen
  • Ken Kobetsky
  • Richard Luettich
  • James Pline
  • ​David Kuemmel​​ – Emeritus
  • Ray Pusey – Emeritus (deceased)​
  • John Logan – Emeritus (deceased)
  • Carlton (Robbie) Robertson – Emeritus (deceased)

Honorary Member Nominations:

Honorary Member Nomination Form

Nominations should be sent or emailed to the selection committee chair at the following address:

James Pline
Pline Engineering, Inc.
2510 Fry Circle
Boise, ID 84704