Index of Approved Changes

During each meeting, the NCUTCD votes to approve proposed additions, revisions, and interpretations to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).  Since the last MUTCD was published, several changes have been proposed by the NCUTCD.  The current list of proposed changes can be found below.

The proposed changes approved by the NCUTCD are submitted to the FHWA for consideration for a future revision to the MUTCD.  Approval by the NCUTCD does not constitute official rulemaking or acceptance of these changes by the FHWA. The FHWA evaluates each proposal and determines whether to include in a future rulemaking to amend the MUTCD, along with recommended changes submitted by other organizations, agencies, and individuals, as well as any changes that the FHWA develops directly.  A link to the current MUTCD can be found on the links menu above.

You may use the links below to filter the list based on the Technical Committee that prepared the recommended change.

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Meeting Item No. Description Parts Chapters Sections Figures Tables
January 2021 20B-RW-03 Electronic Display Traffic Control 1 2 4 6 7 8 1A 1C 2A 2B 2C 2D 2E 2F 2H 2L 4S 4T 6F 7B 8B 1A.04 1C.02 2A.04 2A.07 2A.10 2A.15 2B.02 2B.05 2B.08 2B.13 2B.18 2B.25 2B.26 2B.37 2B.38 2B.53 2B.54 2B.56 2C.02 2C.03 2C.08A 2C.13 2C.32 2C.35 2C.37 2C.39 2D.35 2E.54 2F.05 2H.03 4S.01 4S.04 4T.01 4T.02 4T.03 6F.60 6F.61 7B.15 8B.08 8B.19    
January 2021 20B-RW-02 Bus Transit/BRT Traffic Control – Signs, Markings, Signals 1 2 3 4 8 1C 2B 2C 2G 3A 3B 3D 3G 4D 4F 8E 1C.03 2B.02 2B.23A 2B.23B 2C.02 2C.49 2C.50A 2G.03 2G.05 2G.06 2G.07 2G.08 2G.10 3A.05 3B.20 3D.01A 3D.02 3G.07 4D.03A 4F.17A 4F.18 8E.01 8E.02 8E.04 8E.05 8E.06 8E.07 8E.08 8E.09 8E.10    
January 2020 19B-RW-01 Street Name Plaque with W1-10 Series Signs and W10-2, 3, and 4 signs 2 8 2C 8B 2C.11 2C.46 2C.58 8B.06    
June 2019 19A-RR-03 Right-of-Way Transfer Time 1 8 1A 8C 1A.13 8C.10    
June 2019 19A-RR-01 Mounting Height of Crossbuck and Track Signs 8 8C 8C.02 8C-1  
June 2019 19A-RR-02 Clearance from Flashing-Light Signal to Track 8 8C 8C.01 8C-2  
June 2018 17A-RR-01 Another Train Coming 8 8C      
January 2016 15B-RR-01 Edge Line Markings at Highway-Rail and Light Rail Transit Grade Crossings 8 8B 8B.31    
January 2016 16A-RR-01 Stop Lines at Grade Crossings with Active Traffic Control Devices 8 8B 8B.28    
June 2014 13B-RR-01 Traffic Signal Preemption for Grade Crossings 8 8C 8C.09 8C.10 8C.11 8C.12 8C.13 8C.14 8C.15 8C.16 8C.17    
June 2014 14A-RW-07 LED Sign Applications 1 2 7 8 1A 2A 2B 2C 2G 2H 2L 7B 8B 1A.13 2A.07 2A.14 2A.15 2B.02 2B.13 2B.18 2B.26 2B.37 2B.38 2B.54 2C.03 2C.08 2C.09 2C.13 2C.36 2G.03 2G.10 2H.03 2L.01 2L.03 2L.04 7B.15 8B.08   2A-1 2A-5
June 2014 14B-RR-01 Proposed Changes and Additions to Chapter 8B 8 8B 8B.03 8B.04 8B-02  
June 2014 14B-RR-02 Busway Grade Crossings 8        
June 2014 14B-RR-03 Emergency Notification Signs 8 8B 8B.18    
June 2014 14B-RR-04 Proposed Changes and Additions to Flashing-Light Signals, Section 8C.02 8 8C 8C.02    
June 2014 14B-RR-05 Proposed Changes and Additions to Section 8C.06 – Four-Quadrant Gate Systems 8 8C 8C.06    
January 2014 13B-RW-01 Integrate Low Volume Rural Roads into Rest of MUTCD 1 2 3 6 7 8 1A 2A 2B 2C 2D 3A 6A 6F 7B 8B 1A.13 2A.01 2A.03 2A.11 2A.19 2B.01 2B.03 2B.09 2C.02 2C.04 2C.16 2C.20 2C.21 2D.02 2D.36 3A.02 6A.01 6F.02 7B.01 8B.02    
June 2013 12B-RR-02 Proposed Changes and Additions to Pathway Grade Crossings and Related Sections 1 8 1A 8C 8D 1A.13   8B-1
January 2013 12B-RR-01 Active Devices at Highway-LRT Grade Crossings 8 8C 8C.03 8C.05    
January 2011 10B-RR-01 Revision of Signing and Marking Requirements for Grade Crossings 8 8C 8C.01 8C.11 8C-3  
January 2011 10B-RR-02 Revision of Signing and Marking Requirements for Grade Crossings 8 8A 8B 8C 8A.08 8B.01 8B.09 8B.10 8C.07    
January 2011 10B-RR-03 Revision of Signing and Marking Requirements for Grade Crossings 8 8B 8B.03 8B.05 8B.06 8B.17 8B.27    
June 2009 09A-RR-01 Arrow and Edge Line Markings at Highway-Rail and Light Rail Transit Grade Crossings 10 3 8 10C 3B 8B 10C.25 10C.26 3B.19 3B.20 8B.23 8B.24